What is SuuchiX?

SuuchiX is part of Suuchi, Inc, the leading provider of next-generation supply chain management solutions for fashion brands and retailers. We are a first-of-its-kind digital solution that offers companies of all sizes pre-designed, white-label, products for wholesale purchase. Our e-commerce platform connects suppliers to brands providing unprecedented access to trending designs and speed-to-market.

Are Suuchi and SuuchiX one company?

Yes, SuuchiX is a wholesale offering under Suuchi Inc’s suite of solutions. Please visit us at Suuchi.com

What is White-Label?

The white-label option refers to having your branded logo made on a satin label and sewn into most products from the SuuchiX catalog. There is an additional cost of $0.75 per item selected.

What is MOQ?

MOQ is the Minimum Order Quantity. Purchases on our site must satisfy a minimum order quantity per color and/or size. MOQ’s are listed on each product page.

When and why should I purchase white-label?

White-labeling provides your company speed-to-market ease as it does not require the time and cost of product development. It also provides a variety of product choices – not limiting you to one product or category.

Can I design my own styles?

No, all styles are pre-designed and you can choose from our assortment on suuchix.com. If you’re interested in private-label or custom-designs visit suuchi.com.

Can SuuchiX screenprint?

You are welcome to customize any purchased items on your own. We can evaluate customization requests but requires higher MOQ’s. A SuuchiX representative will be happy to review your request and provide a quote for customization. Contact [email protected]

How often are new designs added?

We add new designs every week. You can always check back in to purchase the latest trends for your store!

Does the intellectual property belong to the brand that buys the product?

No. These are white label designs, meaning you don’t own the intellectual property and any business can buy the same products.

Where are the SuuchiX products made?

SuuchiX works with a large vendor network, sourcing items from manufacturers in the United States, Central, and South America.

How to become a supplier with SuuchiX?

If you are interested in becoming the next supplier or vendor with Suuchix, simply fill-out the ‘Become a Vendor’ form and a representative will contact you with the next steps.

Does SuuchiX offer samples?

Yes. We can offer samples for purchase on most items. A separate invoice will be sent to registered customers that include charges for samples and shipping costs.

What is the Suuchi GRID?

The Suuchi GRID is a project & supply chain management solution that allows you to track your orders through our cloud-based digitized software in real-time.

How do I log on to the GRID?

You will receive an email after your purchase with login instructions and a schedule for a quick onboarding meeting.

Can I use the GRID on my mobile devices?

Yes, in addition to using the GRID on your computer, you can use it on mobile devices by downloading the SuuchiGrid app on Google Play, App Store or wherever you download your apps.

Do you sell used items?

No. Everything we sell is 100% brand new, never worn or damaged. Plus, all items purchased goes through a number of quality check stages, including at our home facility before your shipment is sent to you.


What is the expected delivery time after making a purchase?

Typically your order will arrive in 4-8 weeks from your purchase date but please allow up to 10-12 weeks depending on products selected and where your package is being shipped to. Your Suuchi GRID login will allow you to track your order.

Where will my items be shipped from?

All shipments will be sent from our Research & Development facility.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship your order anywhere. If you need your order shipped overseas, please email the order to [email protected] and we will provide you with a freight quote along with your order confirmation. Please note we are not responsible for any Duties, Taxes, or Tariffs that may apply.

Can SuuchiX offer dropshipping?

SuuchiX does not offer dropshipping at this time.

How can I track my order?

Once you place your order, you will automatically get a login to the Suuchi GRID. You can track your order is received.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final and only qualify for a return if your item(s) is damaged/defective from the manufacturer or you were sent the wrong item.

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