White Labeling: What Is It?

What is “White Label” Clothing anyway?

Whether you’re looking to simply boost profits, defend your place in the market, or enhance your company’s image, merchandising is a key way to reach your goals. One way that businesses are choosing to break into merchandising is through “White Label” fashion. You may have heard of it — the term gets thrown around a lot these days, though it doesn’t seem like it’s being explained properly.

Let’s demystify White Label clothing once and for all, and in the meantime, we will also go over how it could be the key to your company’s success—no matter the goal.

What does “White Label” mean?

Any kind of “white label” product is a product made by one company, the manufacturer, that is then rebranded and sold by other companies. In the case of white label clothing, it’s when a manufacturer produces clothing specifically for other companies to brand as their own. Put your logo and tags on it, market it how you like, and reap the benefits.

Why sell white label clothing?

If you have a business, you have a product (or a service) to sell. Simple enough, but running and sustaining a business is more than making sales. Modern markets require businesses to think big and be bold through marketing and advertising. You can be the best business in your market, but without the proper use of marketing savvy, your business can be overshadowed.

To be the top contender in your market, you have to build your capital-b Brand and know how to leverage it. White label clothing helps you do just that. Through merchandising, you can build momentum and bridge the gap between company and consumer, creating excitement and notoriety outside of the usual sales funnel.

Is white label clothing a smart endeavor for my business?

In short: yes! Just think of all the advantages:

    1. Production is simple and fast. All you have to do is rebrand the products and they’re ready to sell.
    2. There is no trial-and-error cycle that’s typical of the fashion industry. No product development costs, no design testing, no hassle.
  • There is little risk involved. White label clothing is not only cost-efficient but is also consistently sold by top retailers — in other words, it doesn’t cost much and you can trust that your products will actually sell.
  • How do I start selling white label clothing?

    Making the first move can be daunting and is often the hardest step. But no need to fear!  With the rise in popularity of white label products, it has gotten easier to contact production companies that offer white label services. Plus, some companies — like us, SuuchiX, for instance — have websites that are simple to navigate and make purchases for the products you want to sell.

    Of course, it’s important to make sure the company you work with is reputable, trustworthy, and of high quality. Do plenty of research before entering the world of white label clothing. Once you find the right partner, success is yours for the taking!

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